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Servomuto is a Milan based design studio. Each Servomuto lamp shade is designed and individually crafted by hand from start to finish in Italy by local artisans. Each design has a very limited run ensuring exclusivity to our final customer. Servomuto designs are made utilizing the very best materials and techniques, creating quality pieces which will stand the test of time.

THE BRAND Servomuto combines historical and classic lamp shade forms with contemporary prints and unusual fabric pairing to create designs which feel both familiar, yet modern. Servomuto adds warmth, character, interest and a touch of high end italian style to any interior. Servomuto regularly collaborates with international artists and photographers creating special pieces with a subliminal blur between art itself and the functionality of lighting design.

THE DUO A passion for Interior Design brought together designers Alessandro Poli and Francesca De Giorgi over a decade ago in 2007. Their respective backgrounds in Graphic Design and Architecture created the perfect synergy for pushing the boundaries on classic, minimal Italian lighting design. The innovative duo take inspiration from their extensives archives of vintage textiles, trimmings and salvaged materials, from old army blankets to velvet theatre curtains, each archive piece has a emotion and role in creating the brand’s DNA.

THE PROCESS Servomuto’s small production laboratory in the south of Italy has been producing lamp shades since the 1960’s. The methods, attention to detail and meticulous finishes derive from Florentine tradition. More often than not a single lamp shade doesn’t pass through to another pair of hands but is made from start to finish by the same artisan. Even the lamp shades’ iron structures are curved by hand and embroideries and trimming are sewn meticulously by hand. Our workmanship and bespoke manufacturing is incredibly precious and in contrast to the mass produced manufacturing industry at large.

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